þriðjudagur, nóvember 01, 2005

pizza nemesis

E and I live almost directly above one of the few (but immensely popular) Domino's Pizza franchises in Iceland. This Domino's store has a fleet of three annoyingly small Toyota Yarises painted in Domino's colors. These cars buzz around our apartment block like a swarm of gnats. Every time we're going in or out of our place, one of these cars zips blithely around the corner, almost splatting into us each time. Take the normal barging obtuseness of the average Icelandic driver ("a large part of the population appears to think that the roads [and parking spaces] are there solely to accommodate their vehicles and nobody else's" says a fellow blogger) and double it, and you begin to get an idea of the sense of road manners of the Domino's Pizza delivery fleet. Compounding this is the fact that our corner is one of the few 100-foot stretches of roadway in the Reykjavík capital area without at least three child-high speedbumps. Maybe it's time for Reykjavík Public Works to fire one up there, as well.


Anonymous enkd said...

So... a large "Domino's Classic" (Pizzusósa, Gouda/Mozzarella ostablanda, græn paprika, laukur, pepperoni, sveppir) costs $38.50. "King Dollar" is now funny on a whole new level.

"laukur" (onion) I guessed from "leek". "sveppir" I had to Google, and came up with "fungous".

Anonymous Nafnlaus said...

$38.50 !!!! OMG!


Blogger JB said...

Yeah the dollar is no longer "King". I bought a breakfast in Boston last week for 3 people at the Deluxe Town Diner (finest diner anywhere, by the way), including a "Colossal Hungry Person" for myself, and a $10 tip, and the whole gig showed up on my charge card for the price of a bag of groceries here.


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