mánudagur, desember 12, 2005

back in the good old world

Well, as I learned from an Anonymous commentator, Unnur Bírna, the Nings girl I have had a crush on since the summer (and Miss Iceland 2005), won Miss World over the weekend. Congratulations, Unnur! I always knew you had the right stuff. I feel like we are missing out on the celebrations. To Icelanders this international recognition is something akin to Bostonians' feeling after the Sox victory in 2004. I feel like E and I missed out on a weekend of Icelandic euphoria. Last November, I missed out on the big tire fire, and now Unnur's crowning. Man, I always miss something! (Icelanders, what did we miss?)

In other news, Prague is still every bit as stunning, and E is even more in love with it than I had predicted. Her eye for detail is finding all kinds of intricacy in the architecture that I had missed. And she is right, almost every building here is special in some way.

The only thing is, it's mobbed with tourists these days, and we're here amidst the cold days of December. The streets of Josefov, for example, were almost impassable with the hordes yesterday. So we have been focusing on doing things in the neighborhoods more. We're staying in the Anděl area, which is full of both new stores and old smoky joints filled with old men eating fried food.

We had a great meal here on the first night, fried cheese and fried chicken for E, and the creamiest of mushroom soups, and lots of spring-water-clear Staropramen beer and coffee and the whole thing cost us less than a small bag of groceries from the discount Kronan store in the Land. (About 1250 ISK.) It's nice to be able to eat out again, and drink real beer, too.

Today after we get out of this hellish Kenny-G-playing Internet cafe we'll be walking around the Staroměstské Náměstí (Old Town Square) area, getting fleeced and shopping for leather man purses and probably having some Becherovka, too. It's good to be back in the Old World.


Anonymous Nafnlaus said...

Well, this was all over the news here but you are very much mistaken if you think this causes more than a couple of raised eyebrows here in Iceland.

Anonymous Nafnlaus said...

No, I am sorry, no exitement in Iceland at all.

Anonymous Nafnlaus said...

No, there was no exitement over this I´m afraid.


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