miðvikudagur, janúar 11, 2006

so you want to learn icelandic?

Seems a lot of you are curious about the best way to learn the language of the Vikings, the brother language to Old English, the language of Europe's oldest prose, and the language that's your best ticket to talking your way into a crowded 101 bar on a Saturday night. I'm talking of course about Icelandic, okkar tungumál. Well, the good folks over at the language department at the University of Iceland have put together this excellent, free, and interactive online course. Just 20 minutes a day and you'll be ready to engage in meaningful banter with the old men in the hot pots in no time.

Íslenska er tungumál framtíðarinnar!


Blogger Ljóni said...

Íslenska er tungumál framtíðarinnar*.

Anonymous Nafnlaus said...

My cousin Palli (PhD Icelandic) was saying in an interview that the language Icelandic will seize to exist a century from now. I disagree, I think that Icelandic will conquer the world and people from the north pole to the antartica will all be speaking Icelandic at that time.
I tend to be an optimist ;D


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