sunnudagur, mars 19, 2006

first sunday of summer

Today has that feeling, a little bit warm, a lot of light (until 8:30 this evening), and the fresh smells of new things growing. The land is greening up, with the first mosses at the base of Esja recovering their color, and the promise of the grass to follow soon. On the way to Grafarvogslaug today we saw our friend Sammi out washing his car and stopped by to chat. He gave RZzy a power-wash for his wheels with his tidy yellow Euro-power-washer, and then as we were swimming down the street at the pool, I could smell the powerful smells of barbecued burgers and dogs. It was a big contrast to just a short while ago when we were smelling gunsmoke in the dark at that same pool.


Blogger Maja said...

Yay for the light!

Blogger ECS said...

..except it's snowing now over here in Kópavogur. Typical.

Anonymous Nafnlaus said...

There is nothing as uniquely Icelandic as having Europes highest temperature in early January and enduring snowshowers in May.


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