föstudagur, apríl 28, 2006

endless days

This is the time of year when Iceland begins to feel timeless. Every day stretches and stretches, light lasting late into the night, fading out only slowly and reluctantly long after the 10 o'clock news. In the late afternoons, the sunlight flooding across the land seems like it'll never end, and even after a long day of work it might as well be the morning again because the evening is just another whole glorious day.

We sat in the swimming pool yesterday after work, and the clock just froze there in the warm water. All sense of time was gone, like an endless summer afternoon on the grass next to the big white house of my early childhood. After all, what does time really mean when it is always light? Does anyone really care what time it is?


Blogger cK said...

I totally can't get a sense of seasons there! The trip north recently had those beautiful photos of snow fields (and horses with scraggily, eye-covering hair almost identical to the hair styles of some Icelanders I know!), yet now the days are drawn and the pool is calling. Not that you specified outdoor pool. I don't know. It doesn't matter. The whole time thing has got me, that's all.

And, really, we ought not concern ourselves with it. Hey: Enjoy the days.

Unavoidably, though, I'm now thinking of Dylan Thomas' "Fern Hill" when I should probably think about Shakira and Wyclef. Dreamy days. ...

Blogger JB said...

Well, it's still snowy in the north (or it was as of Easter-time) but that doesn't keep the light from extending each day on its steady march.

Here in the south, it snows (flurries) a lot all winter but rarely accumulates.

The pools are outdoor, and open year-round.

It got bright this morning at 4:06 am and will be bright until 10:48 pm. Tomorrow will be 10 minutes longer.

But numbers and descriptions can't really describe the crazy beauty of the Land. You just have to experience it.

Blogger Little Miss Loopy said...

I drove up North today and am now in Húsavík. It was sunny the whole way and I think I've never seen this route as beautiful. When we arrived around 9 in the evening it was still realativly warm and sunny which was odd considering all the snow around town. This is the best time of the year, you can almost smell the summer.


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