sunnudagur, júlí 09, 2006

scared straight

When I first moved to Iceland in the summer of 2004, this commerical was in heavy rotation and it shocked the hell out of me. (Even now it's hard to watch and it's two years later.) The commercial, which features a Sigur Rós remake of Iceland state radio's obituary music, is part of a series of ads sponsored by Umferðastofan, the rough equivalent of the "Registry" in Massachusetts and the DMV everywhere else. The current ad, released to coincide with the high-traffic summer months, is almost as graphic.


Blogger JB said...

This one is a little lower on the shock value. But every bit as effective. And it's got some good scenery for you, too.

Blogger Little Miss Loopy said...

I still get goosebumps when I see this one... I don't know whether it is because the song is one of my all time favorites or because I heard somewhere that the location of the faces is where actual accidents have happened.

I think these ads are both very well done and affective, you need the shock factor when dealing with these things. If it was some pretty girl saying with a sweet voice :"you have to watch yourself" no one would listen.

PS. Don't drink and drive and wear a seatbelt!!!

Blogger gk said...

I think the song was originally done for a movie based on the book “Englar alheimsins” by Einar Már Guðmundson a great Iceland author. I highly recommend that you read the book or see the movie., The guy who directed the one with the faces on the round is a friend of friend, I will ask him the next time I see him.

Blogger JB said...

Audi, I wonder how effective the ads really are. Are there any statistics on that, I wonder.

GK, Yes the song was featured in Englar alheimsins. I've seen the movie (my friend Annie lives in the same apartment building where the ending was filmed) and read the book, but only in English. One of these days I'll be brave enough to pick up the Icelandic version. (For now, I am still trying to get through "101 Reykjavík" á íslensku.) You can hear the Sigur Rós tune in its entirety on the soundtrack to the movie.

Blogger Syngibjörg said...

HÆ, found you!!
Love google.

Blogger cK said...

GAH!!! That's harsh. Effective, but harsh.


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