miðvikudagur, nóvember 01, 2006


Historically, the biggest reader comment/complaint/criticism has been about Iceland Report's lack of photos. "Show me the photos!" they say. ("Show me the photos on your own blog," I think to myself.) Well, the truth is, my own photographic muses just haven't been singing for a little while now. Maybe I've traded visual inspiration for written. Or maybe it was just another price to be paid for the historical 2004 win of the Boston Red Sox.

In any event, the photomuses are thankfully almost always singing for my coworker and good friend Ói. Not only does he take photos all around the Land, but he has mapped the location of most of them on their Flickr pages. Sweet times. And man oh man, can this guy take pictures. Have a look for yourself. And stop hassling me about photos, at least until after the Sox win again.


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