miðvikudagur, janúar 11, 2006

snow on my feet

One nice feature of living here is the almost-free heat. So the house is always toasty and when we go to bed we often leave the window open a crack to get some fresh sea-breezes coming in. (But sometimes the fresh traffic noises put a kybosh in that plan.) Anyway so last night we had the window open and were sleeping peacefully, dozing to the booming of waves on the seawall, and suddenly I jumped awake. Something was very wrong, and I couldn't at first figure out what it was. ("Wha's happening?") The bedroom window looks out on a balcony that is enclosed by an overhang, and that's enough to keep precipitation from coming in. Until last night. The wind off of the sea was blowing snowflakes completely horizontally and with such force that they were being propelled through the inch-wide opening in the bottom of the window, zooming straight across the bedroom, and then sprinkling gently onto my exposed feet.

So I closed the window.


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