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Sigur Rós, oft-hailed (at least here on the IR) as "the finest band north of anywhere", is performing a free outdoor summer concert here in the Smoky Bay on July 30th. I've never met a Sigur Rós show that didn't have me in some combo of goosebumps, misty eyes, and jubilation. Come on up to the Land and see it for yourself.

Iceland Report regulars qualify for a special one-time 10% discount on the price of admission. Sigurrós, an Icelandic woman's name, translates as Victory Rose. Some restrictions apply. See your local Iceland Report representative for details.


Blogger cK said...


Blogger Einar said...

I saw them yesterday at an open air concert at Abbaye Neumuenster in Luxembourg ( www.ccrn.lu )
It was awesome!!! Afterwards I sat outside a local bar with some fellow Icelanders, laughing, drinking, singing and making fun of some Danes, what could be more fun...!?!? Btw, the weather in Luxembourg is awesome right now (and has been for 2 weeks and is still going on), 30 degrees Celsius everyday!!!

Blogger JB said...

CK, you'll be even sadder to hear that they have added another show in Iceland a week later. I'm sad too because I'll be out of the country for that one.

Einar, that looks like a really awesome venue. Was that your first time seeing Sigur Rós? Here in Iceland a lot of Icelanders seem to know nothing about them or their music or indeed how popular they are in the world. But then when they move abroad suddenly they become fans. I saw probably every Icelander in Denmark last summer at the show in Copenhagen. :-)

Blogger Einar said...

Yeah, the concert was excellent... I hadn't seen them live before and was a big anxious before about how it would be to experience those slow and melodic songs live, but to my surprise this experience was richer than I'd ever expected it.
Yup, I've know them for quite long, 2000 or so I think... I saw a few icelanders on the concert, but not as many as I would have expected to see, I don't know every single icelander in Luxembourg but I think one can often judge by the look if someone could be an Icelander or not even though you don't know the person, Icelanders have quite distinctive features in their faces quite often (this special scandinavian look)... of course one can't generalise... There were a lot of Luxembourgers and French there among lots of other Nationalities at the concert yesterday...

Blogger dtw said...

Aw, pity it isn't a month later. I could've extended my journey from London's TDK Cross Central and come see it. Haven't seen Sigur live yet and probably will just have to wait and hope they'll play somewhere in Iceland during my months there. I don't expect Amon Tobin to disappoint either though.

I drooled over SR's gig in Dalhalla, Sweden awhile ago. Google it, truly a spectacular venue.


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