sunnudagur, nóvember 05, 2006

big wind

I just got back from an early Sunday morning drive around the neighborhood. We're in the midst of a classic Reykjavík windstorm, with sustained winds in the 40s and gusts in the neighborhood of 60-80 m.p.h. That's some wind. It's pushing giant walls of ocean water over the seawall below my house and there are patches of flooded roadway all along the sea road. Seaweed and pieces of the wall (read: large rocks) are strewn all over, sometimes hundreds of feet in from the ocean. I got out of the car at Grótta (the lighthouse at the end of Seltjarnarnes) and was able to walk only a few feet: the wind was so strong that getting back to the car was a struggle. This is the biggest wind I've experienced and I had it all to myself as Iceland is basically 99% asleep at 8 a.m. on a dark and stormy Sunday. I saw only a handful of cars and a big orange street cleaning truck that was making loops around the flooded traffic circle, unplugging the drains.

During weather like this I often think of the Icelandic settlers who lived on the heath in earth-roofed houses, smoky on account of the open fire in the middle of the room. Those were some tough dudes. I'm glad I'm not living in a sod house today.


Blogger AS said...

What a hell are you doing up on a sunday morning at 8 o'clock?

Driving home from a classic icelandic party?

Blogger BR said...

This has nothing to do with wind, but I just saw FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS, which was shot in Iceland - posing as Iwo Jima.

Didn't look as appealing as you make it sound JB, but all the gun play had something to do with that.

Blogger JB said...

AS: Nope. I actually went to bed at a reasonable hour on a Saturday night. I'm getting old, I know. But really, who needs to yell into people's ears, inhale secondhand smoke, and drink $10 beers two nights in a row?

BR: I haven't seen it yet, but from what I understand that movie was shot on some pretty unappealing and bleak sections of the coast south of here. But Iceland is a big place with quite diverse geography, so your comment reads a little like: "I saw Field of Dreams this weekend. I didn't realize America was so flat."

Blogger artemisia said...

hey (introduced myself in an earlier post somewhere..)

oh, me and the wind had great fun too. i left a party at vegamot at 330am, thinking that was a reasonable hour to get some sleep and be fresh for teaching my 3h workshop/class sunday afternoon. nope. i was in bed by 4, only to wake up around 7-730, with a burst window, on the verge of being totally smashed right about my bed(one of those little windows you know, they use to keep the rooms aired) it wouldnt stay shut and so i had howling wind sounds in my bedroom for HOURS and the window going bang bang bang. yeah! hope tonight is better as the school was going to send someone round to fix it this evening (tape it up), but that was in icelandic terms so they'll prob ask about it again tuesday (oh yeah, your window? how is that, good thing the weather improved)... so i'll be shopping for tape myself tomorrow.

btw, they canceld the inland flights? or also outgoing? any websites with icelandic weather reports or news in english?

Blogger JB said...

A: What, you mean The Iceland Report is not a good enough source of English-language news for you? :-)

You can find English-language weather here. And there is a modicum of daily news in English here.

Yes, the four incoming international flights from the States yesterday morning were diverted to Glasgow (!) and domestic flights were suspended during the early part of yesterday due to the winds. Things are getting back on track today.

Blogger BR said...

Once at my Grandma's house, I was looking for the recyclying bucket, to get rid of my Nantucket Nectar bottle.

So I said, "Grandma, where does the glass go?"

She said, "Scotland, I think. Maybe Wales."


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