mánudagur, nóvember 06, 2006

driving to work

Today's post is a tribute to my good friend over at Driving to Work:

Departure time: 8:11
Arrival time: 8:23
Weather as I call it: Pitch-black and drizzly.
Paper Guy: Probably not a good career choice given low traffic volume.
Shell Gas Price: 113.7 kr/liter*
Yelled at other drivers: Uttered a Robin-Woo-esque (but involuntary) "eh!" when forced to stop unexpectedly in middle of the University rotary.
Feared for my life: Aside from the normal fear of Icelandic clueless driving, no.


I hit a couple of unlucky lights today and that can make or break the commuting time. One is the light at the top of Bústaðavegur (Öskjuhlíð) where I missed the opportunity to run the yellow by fractions of a second and sat idling next to a fellow commuter in her black Jetta. Then I hit the red light at the top of the off-ramp in Kópavogur, which is probably a 1 in 3 shot.

In general, the poor sequencing of two lights going east on Hringbraut adds probably at least a minute a day to the drive. How about it Reykjavík? How about some traffic studies with all those tax dollars I give you?



Blogger AS said...

Hey how about you be think about how long it takes you to drive to work back in the USA?

Blogger JB said...

AS: Check the link, yo.

Blogger EnuhCorK said...

Paper guy says, "Hi."

Blogger steph said...

How much would the gas be in US or Canadian dollar? I would imagine it is going to blow my socks off.

Here in Montreal, it is 87cents/litre.


Blogger JB said...

Hi Paper Guy! I'm a big fan of your work.

Steph: Check out the asterisk! :-)

Blogger steph said...

Oops, missed it.

Ouch, you must hate to fill up even more than we do here.

Blogger JB said...

Steph: I really don't even notice it anymore. It's just how much it costs. (I could say to you, "You must hate to get that home heating bill in the winter!") But sure, it's affected how much I drive.


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