mánudagur, nóvember 27, 2006

monday morning shuttle

I just flew in from Akureyri, and boy are my arms tired. But seriously, folks...

I just got back into the Big Town from the Northern Town, and that 45-minute flight to work reminded me of the good old days on the BOS-LGA Delta Shuttle. Well, maybe in length of flight only. In many other respects, the AEY-RKV flight is a lot easier on the soul. In that spirit, here are the top 10 advantages of the Air Iceland Akureyri-Reykjavík service over the Delta Shuttle:

10. When you arrive at the airport in Akureyri in the 8 a.m. blackness, there is a good chance you're the only one there.
9. Nobody ahead of you to check in.
8. Check-in done on a first-name basis.
7. Nobody yelling on mobile phones in the departure lounge. But a few old Icelandic souls chat about the weather.
6. Low-volume Rás 2 broadcast replaces yammering "CNN Airport Network".
5. No passenger seen sipping from huge white Starbucks cup, legs crossed, looking around importantly. In fact, no Starbucks to be had, period.
4. Zippy takeoff replaces "Well folks, we're going to be holding here for a few minutes for traffic."
3. Upon arrival, 1-minute walk to car in free lot replaces endless rainy "Where you goin', sir?" Marine Air Terminal taxi line.
2. No TSA. In fact, no metal detector or "secure area" whatsoever.
1. Pre-dawn views of glaciers and craggy mountains replace Queens.


Blogger videlectrix said...

Basically, in general, fewer people. That generally tends to ease the mind.

Blogger JDK said...

As someone with over a hundred delta shuttles under his belt, I have to come to their defense.

Advantages of Delta Shuttle:

Free Sam Adams (two if you time your requests just right).

Good chance of catching Yankees vs. Red Sox from the air.

Cream Cheese AND Strawberry Preserves with your bagel.

We'll be exiting through the forward and AFT exits today.

Dedicated security line for the business travelers in the know.

Print your boarding pass at home - who needs a name.

Walk up, buy a ticket, get on the plane.

From Bed in Cambridge to Midtown Manhattan in 3 hours.

Flights every hour all day long - show up and fly whenever you please.

And finally - they will roll out another plane for your plane is full (I have been on a 6:15 flight with 12 other people).

Blogger JB said...

Viddy: Yeah, that does it. Fewer people, and more relaxed people. Or maybe just more relaxed because there are fewer.

Fellas: Excellent! I was hoping for a rejoinder from you. But you didn't mention the extensive selection of free magazines at LGA. That was always my favorite feature.

Blogger Sue said...

And both the Reykjavik and Akureyri airports do have metal detectors and a secured area, they just only roll them out for international flights. :)

When I was waiting for my flight back to Reykjavik they booted everyone out of the cafe area and closed it all off for the flight to Copenhagen. We were really confused at first why they were shutting down, basically the entire airport. :)


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