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So I am supposed to go to the Westman Islands tonight for the weekend, to play a concert there tomorrow. But looking out the window here I am already feeling seasick. It's a 3-hour ferry ride out to the islands and currently the Land is being blown sideways by the second gale in as many weeks. Wind right now is steady at 40-50 mph and gusting up into the 60s. It's supposed to get worse, too, all the way into bad radio station slogan territory. ("From the 60s, 70s, 80s, and beyond!") All those building-shuddering gusts make for some big waves, and stormy journeys on the Herjólfur ferry are notorious puke-a-thons. Testament to this are the Chinese-takeaway-style vomit cups stacked neatly in all areas of the ship: entrances, stairways, canteen, bedrooms, and bunk cabins. I have been on two round trips on that ferry but both have been blessedly calm so the stacks of square waxed-paper receptacles have been nothing more than a curiosity. But every Icelander seems to have a story about them.

Anyway it looks like I might not be able to go at all. This morning's sailing has already been delayed and might be canceled. And the storm is supposed to continue through the day and overnight, so there may not be any trips today. And flying on a day like this is right out of the question. That tunnel to the islands is looking like a better and better idea. It's too bad we can't import a couple of spendthrift Republicans to the Alþing and make that happen. I heard they were looking for work.


Blogger AS said...

Iceberg straight ahead!

Blogger Jóhannes Tryggvason said...


Blogger JB said...

Update: As Jóhannes points out, the ferry service has been completely suspended for today. So we'll be flying there tomorrow morning, dark and early.

Blogger Sindri said...

If you could get the republicans to spend US tax dollars then I am all for it. However spending ISK on building a tunnel to a town that inhabits 4000 people sounds like an outrageous idea, to say the least...

Bon voyage,

Blogger JB said...

Well they spent about ISK ($223 million) on a bridge to Alaska's Gravina island, a place of fewer than 50 inhabitants. So 50 billion on a Westman Islands tunnel sounds like something they could easily get behind. On a per capita basis, the Westman Island Tunnel is a relative bargain.

Blogger carmen said...

Actually the infamous Bridge to Nowhere hasn't been built yet. With the new changes in Congress, I wonder if the money earmarked for the bridge will survive.


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