miðvikudagur, nóvember 08, 2006

wahm tonic

You'd think in a country whose name conjures up images of an actual Land of Ice that you'd be able to get a cold soda. Not so. In fact, Icelanders seem to prefer their soda at nearly room temperature. When I pop into 10-11 (or competitor 11-11) for a guilty-pleasure weekend Pepsi Max, I find myself moving aside 3 or 4 rows of soda containers, reaching to the very back of the refrigerator case to find the one bottle that's been sitting directly in the blower. That one is sometimes almost cold enough, although even then it's the kind of cold that is suddenly warm back in the car, not the bone-jangling I-don't-want-to-hold-the-can-too-long I-need-gloves cold of an American-retailed soda. Of course anything forward of that back row is absolutely piss-warm. Isn't at least half of the point of soda that it's cold? Even at the semi-ubiquitous American Style hamburger chain, there is no cold soda to be had. There is a soda fountain, yes, but despite the promise implied in the name there is no "American-style" ice machine. In its place is a watery bowl of a few sad ice cubes and a pasta spoon. Come on, Iceland, I know you can do "cold" better than that.


Blogger Sue said...

Having sucked on glacier ice, I can attest to it's absolute coldness and clarity. Instead of just letting it melt and go to waste I suggest Iceland start chopping them (and by them I mean glaciers) into cubes as fast as they possibly can.


Blogger videlectrix said...

This reminds me of the UHT(?) milk passage in Cryptonomicon. Don't people leave drinks out on balconies and porches there? That should drop 'em a few degrees at this time of year, no?

Blogger JB said...

Sue: This reminds me of the Simpsons where Monty Burns' teddy bear is brought back from an Arctic expedition to get bags of ice cubes for Apu's store.

Vid: Nope, they just stick 'em in the fridge. Unless it's a party and there's not enough room in the fridge for that $70 case of beer. Then we use the I-C-E to its full chilling advantage.

Blogger Erik said...

I didn't notice this when I was in Iceland over the summer. I was able to easily find cold Pepsi Max 2-liters.


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