fimmtudagur, nóvember 09, 2006


The band that put Icelandic music on the map, Sykurmolarnir (the Sugarcubes), have Tap-ishly "re-formed" after a 14-year hiatus to play a single reunion concert a week from tomorrow at Reykjavík's answer to the Hynes Convention Center, Laugardalshöll. The band was on the front cover of last Sunday's Morgunblaðið, sitting around a table at Sægrefinn, my recommended neighborhood fishmonger. They had been rehearsing in one of the fishing-gear-storage buildings near there and were taking a break for some lobster soup. The reunion concert is to celebrate the release of their first hit single "Ammæli" ("Birthday") a whole 20 years back. So one could say, if one tended towards Casey Casimisms, that they're celebrating the birthday of "Birthday". But you'd never catch me saying that.


Skrifa ummæli

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