föstudagur, desember 01, 2006

the groaning lady

Longtime readers know a little something about the colorful characters who frequent Laugardalslaug. Well, today I saw for the second time a fine new addition to the forthcoming Regulars of Laugardalslaug Trading Card pack: the groaning lady.

The groaning lady looks rather normal, or maybe even slightly attractive in a timeless somewhere-between-39-and-65 kind of way. Her modus operandi is to sit in the nuddpottur (massaging hot tub) and instead of sitting directly in front of one of the jets, as is customary, loll herself between two or three of them. As she does this lolling, she makes groans and moans which are at first barely audible. ("Did she just say something?" I thought at first.) But the more one hears, the more reverberant the sounds become, even above the bubbling of all that rushing water: "Mmmmmmmm..." "Oooooh..." "Mwoooahhmmmm..." "Oh!" "Mmmmmmmbboooooh..."

"Takk fyrir síðast", the groaning lady!


Blogger m said...

Hm. That's a little disturbing. And funny. Disturbingly funny? Funnily disturbing?

Blogger JB said...

I saw her there last night, back in the hot tub, groaning away. I stayed away this time...


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